ATHLETE RMS is the ONLY supplier in its field that appeals to elite sports leagues like the NHL and MLB, as well as to individual teams and grass roots and amateur sports organizations. That’s because it was built that way from the ground up by sports-savvy and highly experienced people, including Gaétan Lefebvre, one of the five sports therapists ever to be inducted in the Hockey Hall of Fame.
Founded in 2006, ATHLETE RMS set out to design an online (SaaS) management system that provides those involved with the care of athletes with an integrated interface to track and manage the health, injuries and recovery of amateur and professional athletes with a sophisticated and comprehensive answer to their needs.
Supported by a robust infrastructure and an impressive team of professionals and advisors who have expertise and have held top positions in various aspects of professional sports, ATHLETE RMS’s unique one-stop solution helps sports leagues/clubs and health care practitioners track and manage the health, injuries and recovery of amateur and professional athletes.
Whether you’re a sports manager, a sports medicine specialist or a medical technology specialist, you can count on ATHLETE RMS to help governing bodies streamline its processes, improve its productivity, and reduce injuries and costs.


ATHLETE RMS’s vision is to advance athletic health care to benefit leagues, governing bodies and their respective clubs and teams, as well as colleges, universities, clinics and the scientific community by providing a single entry, comprehensive health and injury record of athletes. This record follows them from their entrance into sports, through their amateur or professional career to post-retirement.


ATHLETE RMS is the exclusive provider of electronic medical records for the National Hockey League (NHL) and is involved in a major way with baseball, basketball, football and tennis.

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